Monday, January 12, 2009

Make Your Pen drive Bootable, Install UBCD4Win in USB Disk

First of all, we need Ultimate boot cd for windows (UBCD4Win) v 3.13 or later...
It could be downloaded from, size of this UBCD4win is 250+ MBs. It is also included in one of the recent Digit's DVD

Download and Install UBCD4Win, check integrity as shown.

After Installation Launch UBCD4Win by clicking Finish :

Click I Agree :

Next Step :
1. Do not search for Windows XP installation file, click No (it takes time to search installation file directory which we already know.
2. Select source Directory where Windows XP installation file is stored. It could be a hard disk folder or Installation CD, If you are using an Windows XP Setup CD, To speedup process, copy all flies from cd to any folder in hardisk (like i copied in XPPR folder). Select folder

Leave Output folder as it is,
3. Select Media Output : - None, no output to make bootable CD (only folders and flie of BARTPE will be created.
Select ISO Image if U want to make an ISO image to burn on CD later
Select Burn to CD/DVD if you directly want to make Bootable CD.

6. Click Agree to agree Windows XP EULA

7. When completed click Close

8. Click Plugins , Now to make Pen drive Bootable, on main window, click Plugins

9. From List of plugins, select Plugin UBCD4WintoUSB
10. Click Config to launch this Plugin

Plugin your blank pen drive, backup data of your pen ddive as it will be formated
11. Select Enable Format, Select flie system : small pendrive like 1gb or 2gb, select FAT16, for big pendireve like 4GB or 8GB or 16GB, select FAT32 file system)
Drive label:- anything you want
12. In boot options, select Grub4Dos, (I did not tried any other option, this option was by default, and later we can add in it other bootable utilitis like Hiren's Dos Bootable CD v 9.6 etc)
13. Check all File copy option

14. Click Yes to format pen drive.

After completion, your pen drive is ready to run as bootable UBCD4Win disk

In newer computer, when you will connect pen drive and start computer, the usb disk will be recognised. You have to set boot option as "boot from USB first" at your BIOS.